First Visit to Dodger Stadium

Till date, more than 130 million people have visited Dodger Stadium, home of the Los Angeles Dodgers Major League Baseball team. Die hard Dodgers fans have been going to the ballpark since the year 1962. With more than 55,000 people jostling for space during a sold-out game it can be easy to miss all the attractions Dodger Stadium has to offer. If you are headed for your first visit to Dodger Stadium, be sure to check out the following attractions.

Buy Tickets For the “All You Can Eat” Pavilion
If you haven’t yet bought your tickets, consider purchasing tickets for the All You Can Eat Pavilion. In addition to a view from the right field pavilion, tickets to the All You Can Eat section provides unlimited ballpark food to fill even the hungriest baseball fan.

Take In Batting Practice
If you want to watch the Dodgers take batting practice, be sure to arrive as soon as the gates open at Dodger Stadium. Since batting practice times are subject to the discretion of the teams and the home team always goes first, fans who want to watch the Dodgers should arrive as early as possible.

Food at Dodger Stadium
Hot dogs, nachos, ice creams, pretzels, fries, cheesesteaks, frozen yogurt are just some of the delicious foods that you can purchase at concession stands. Be sure to check out the Dodger Dogs during your visit. Any hot dog with its own name is a must-try cuisine.

Place Your Name On the Dodgers Dream Foundation Wall of Fame
By making a small donation, you will be able to permanently affix your name and a short message on the Dodgers Dream Foundation Wall of Fame. The wall is very popular with Dodgers fans and excited fans often take pictures in front of their name on the wall. All donations are sent to the Dodgers Dream Foundation for charitable purposes.

Top of the Park Gift Store
The team store at Dodgers Stadium is called the Top of the Park Gift Store. You will find this store in the top deck, right above home plate. There are also smaller stores that are located throughout around the ballpark. The Top of the Park Gift Store has the largest selection of Dodgers memorabilia as well as personalized apparel.

Parking and Tailgating
Parking is surprisingly affordable at Dodgers Stadium. You will have to shell out just $10 to park your car in the parking lot. Tailgating is strictly prohibited anywhere at the Dodgers parking lot.

Visit the Dodgers Autograph Alley
Famous Dodgers old-timers routinely make an appearance in autograph alley located in centerfield of Dodger Stadium. Check with the ushers and find out who might be found there for a particular ball game. You might just get lucky enough to get an autograph from a famous star like Steve Yeager, Joe Moeller, Jimmy Campanis or even Sweet Lou Johnson who are scheduled to make visits during the 2012 season.

Getting to Dodgers Stadium
If you have game tickets, you can get a free ride to the stadium by hopping on the Dodger Stadium Express that will pick up excited fans from the Patsaouras Bus terminus and the east side of Union station. The bus will also make stops at Sunset Boulevard and Cesar Chavez Avenue along the way. Dodgers Stadium is also well connected by several metro routes as well, but the Dodger Stadium Express is the most convenient way to get to the game.

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