Los Angeles Dodgers Preferred Reserve

The Los Angeles Dodgers Preferred Reserve is the largest seating area within Dodger Stadium. The Dodger Stadium seating chart shows the Dodgers Reserve in sections 12 through 58 and 13 through 61 on the fifth level of the ballpark.

The Los Angeles Dodgers Preferred Reserve contains so many seats that entire rows are often vacant for most regular season games. This reduces pressure on demand for the entire seating area and leads to less of a premium on the best seats within the area. Although front row Dodgers Preferred Reserve seats do provide a better view and additional room, they are not worth any substantial premium as better seats in sections closer to the field often cost only a few dollars more. Buyers should consider Preferred Reserve tickets as a cheap way to get into Dodger Stadium and not obsess over specific section or row for a seating location so far from the field.

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Dodgers Preferred Reserve tickets are the cheapest option anywhere in Dodger Stadium. Although secondary market ticket websites offer many Dodgers Reserve tickets for most games, no ticket in this section is worth a premium. Check the Los Angeles Dodgers ticket prices first for further details. With many vacant seats for nearly all regular season games, fans should purchase the cheapest available Dodgers Reserve ticket and look for opportunities to move to better locations once the game begins. Ticket brokers rarely sell Preferred Reserve tickets for less than face value since the price from the team is already so low.

Los Angeles Dodgers Preferred Reserve

Los Angeles Preferred Reserve
View from the Los Angeles Dodgers Preferred Reserve at Dodger Stadium
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